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10 Tips for buying a used washing machine

1. Manually spin the drum

Ensure the drum will manually spin; this will give you the opportunity to listen for any unusual noises and to see if the drum is loose, it shouldn't rock back and forth.

2. Full cycle

Once the machin

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Home :: Ceiling Water Leak Repair & Detection

A burst plumbing pipe or a leak in the u-trap under your sink will often make themselves known right away, but a plumbing leak hidden above your ceiling can be trickier to detect. Most of the plumbing in your house is hidden from view, concealed b read more...

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Domestic & Commercial Appliance Repairs in Beeping Fridge – Causes and Repairs


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Discontinued Appliance Parts

Appliances are essential in most households, but in others they may just be a luxury. For example, an essential appliance might be a tumble dryer in winter to ensure the clothes dry in time. But a luxury might be a dishwasher when you have healthy read more...

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Fridge Repair in Delhi | Gurgaon | Noida | Faridabad